Skillveri is the pioneer in XR based Multi-Skill Simulation Platform for Welding & Spray Painting, with more skills being added to the platform this year.

Skillveri Welding Simulator and Skillveri Painting Simulators

Our Products

Extended Reality

eXtended Reality (XR) - bringing eXactness to vocational training simulations that AR/VR could not

XR for exactness in complete skill:
  • Exact match between real and virtual world
  • Two hand tracking (GTAW)
  • Complex 3-D shapes
  • Customised 3-D shapes


The uniqueness of Skillveri’s approach to simulators is that the focus is on Skill Transfer – how much is the learner able to perform better in the real world after practicing on the simulator. Therefore the learner is at the centre of the design of our simulators, using the principles of psychophysics.

Students trained
Million saved

Systematic learning approach with intuitive live feedback makes Skillveri simulators more reliable

Wheels India

Skillveri simulators are asset to our trainees in our technical training centre

Ashok Leyland

Evaluation of skill parameters become easy with Skillveri simulators

PSG college of Technology

Product quality, customer support and service provided is commendable

CUMI , Murugappa group