Why this skillveri?

Skillveri Training Solutions Pvt Ltd aims to aid skill training in the right manner through realistic simulation of various trades, starting with welding. The beauty of the name is that it can be read in either of the two classical languages, Tamil or Latin.

In Tamil, the name stands for acquiring skills with utmost passion; in Latin the name stands for the right/authentic skill (veri being the root word for verify). Ultimately, we want Skillverify all vocational skills.

The tag-line of the company is ‘Seria Vaasi‘. Seria Vaasi in Tamil is as much an exhortation to ‘read a text’, as it is to ‘wield an instrument’ with proficiency. The language thus embeds a cultural ethic that rejects the Cartesian split between the cerebral and the visceral; between mind and body; between knowledge and skill. As Patanjali put it, “Yoga is proficiency in action”.