MOOC for Practical Skills

Skillveri Training Solutions Pvt Ltd is a technology company aiming to transform skill-training in the same way that MOOCs have made conventional educational universally accessible to solve India’s Skill Gap problem.

What is Skill Gap?

India has the potential to reap demographic dividends of its young population (median age less than 29), but that is greatly dependent on the employability of this youth. The skill gap is the disconnect between the skills required by the industry and the real skills of a job seeker. Read more about India’s skill gap here.

Why this Skillveri?

The ”veri” in skillVeri stands for true, authentic, realistic – based on the latin word veritas. Skillveri was founded with the aim to bridge the skill gap with the aid of technology based training tools.

Skillveri’s approach to technology enabled skill training involves use of learner-centric technology design – using the principles of psychophysics. Any skill that a person wants to learn can be broken down to elements involves our sense organs – vision, hearing, touch, taste and smell.

For most vocational skills,  audio-visual-haptic technology can be effectively utilized with a strong focus on skill transfer. The welding simulator of Skillveri is the only one in the world to be backed by a proven correlation with skill transfer.


Skillveri has built SkillTunes, a scalable platform for vocational skill training, which focuses on stronger fundamentals in skill training. The SkillTunes platform has been awarded the National Innovations for Skills Challenge 2014, organized by the National Skill Development Corporation.

How it helps the youth

The skill levels acquired will go a long way in making a large section of the youth “employable”. The platform is scalable to offer a multitude of skills as well as varying levels of skills, which will help the youth climb up the social ladder.

How will it help the industry/educators?

For the industry and vocational training institutes, Skillveri’s training tools/platforms help make huge savings on the two key bottlenecks – trainer’s time and consumables – enabling increased throughput and meeting workforce requirements.

For the industry, usage of Skillveri’s tools results in proven benefits at the shop-floor level in reduced rework costs and rejection rates

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