CSR Project Execution

CSR for Skill Development: Multiplying your impact

After the new Companies’ Act made CSR mandatory, the total amount of money suddenly available in the ecosystem has grown tremendously. There is suddently too much CSR money chasing too few impactful projects. However, CSR benefactors wanting to create a genuine, long-term sustainable impact feel the need to look beyond the clichéd toilets/ computer skills and personality development skills.

In a country like India where 1.5 crore people get added  to the employable age-group every year, we had to bring in skilled labor from China to build the famous T3 terminal at Delhi Airport and from Peru to drill tunnels for the Delhi Metro construction. For all round Socio-Economic development of the country, there is a need to add 9 crore people over the next few years to fill well-paying skilled jobs involving hands-on skills. The current quality of vocational skill training particularly at ITIs needs quick, sustainable, technology backed interventions to meet this herculean task.

A 30 Lakh investment towards equipment upgrade and simulator integrated training methods can result in

  • Increasing employability of nearly 1000 students
  • Better livelihood creation
  • Measurable and track-able progress
  • Enhancing respectability of work done with hands

skillveri is an award-winning technology pioneer in Simulators, which has worked with reputed CSR initiatives to implement technology interventions at ITIs. Contributing to such initiatives through skillveri has the following benefits

  • Ease of participation – Through skillveri’s five year track record in skill development space, it has a curated list of well deserving beneficiaries. The donor can donate the equipment/training package directly to the ITI and skillveri will handle the end-to-end execution
  • Monitoring & Measuring Impact – Because of skillveri’s technology back-end, impact and individual progress can be easily tracked