SkillTunes is a scalable platform for multiple vocational skills, through training simulators.

Platforms like Coursera have enabled online delivery of textual knowledge. However, hands-on vocational skills are still delivered using brick-and-mortar methods that involve high trainer-student ratio, consumables etc.

The SkillTunes platform provides reusable hardware and software building blocks, requiring minimal hardware customization for each new skill. The reusable hardware abstraction enables trainers to reduce costs when offering multiple skills on the same platform, switch between skills based on seasonal demand, drop obsolete skills and add new skills to stay abreast of evolving market needs.

SkillTunes would be a single window for aspirants to select a skill through interaction with alumni, review of opportunities and pre-evaluation of aptitude.

We are inviting partners who have the requisite domain knowledge, for co-developing newer skills like Crane Operator, Spray Painting, Fork-lift operator, Excavator, and Masonry.