Chroma X Max Spray Painting Simulators

Chroma X Max Spray Painting Simulator - the best training tool in the world.

The Chroma Advantage –
  • Objective and measurable evaluation of Paint Application Skills
  • Quicker turn-around time for training, at higher quality skills-transfer
  • 4 hours of practice reduces hand-variations by 50%
  • Payback in less than 6 months
  • Eco-friendly: No VOC emissions
Chroma X Max  – available for Air Spray, Airless, Air-assisted Airless & Electrostatic Spray Painting Processes.
Available in three different customisable variants –
  • Chroma X1 Max – Any one process from among airspray, airless, air-assisted airless or electrostatic.
  • Chroma X2 Max – Any two processes from the above
  • Chroma X3 Max – Any three processes from above
Options to add on customised, real-world workpieces also available on Chroma X Max

chroma xmax

Complete training support for trainer

Systematic training plan : based on field research

Painting application settings

Relevant work pieces for Training

(Customisation options based on requirement)




Structured analysis of performance

Hand Movement Capturing

Thickness map

Wastage calculation