Aura X-Max

Aura X-Max – eXtended Reality (XR) Welding Simulators.

Most Advanced Welding Simulator, using eXtended Reality (XR)
The Aura Advantage –
  • eXtended Reality (XR) for advanced training Up to 6G
  • Multi-process GMAW, SMAW, GTAW with filler rod
  • Cost savings upto 80%
  • Options to incorporate customized real-world work pieces according to customer requirements.
Aura X-Max – available for GMAW, GTAW and SMAW.
Available in three different customisable variants –
  • Aura X1 Max – Any one process from among GMAW, GTAW, or SMAW.
  • Aura X2 Max – Any two processes from GMAW, GTAW, or SMAW.
  • Aura X3 Max – All three processes above.

Aura X series – eXtended Reality ( XR ) Simulators

WPS Setting with Weave Pattern Selection
aura weave pattern selection
Live Feedback
Live feedback seen right on the welding torch
Weld Analysis
Welding Analysis
Cut Section Analyses in 3D
Cut section collage