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Skillveri AURA Prime

Skillveri AURA Prime: GMAW, SMAW & GTAW

The most advanced model of Skillveri AURA series simulator, Prime, supports all three welding processes – GMAW (MIG/MAG/CO2), SMAW (Arc/Stick/MMAW) and GTAW – to be able to train on even highly specialized types of manual welding. This model also comes with the electric actuated height adjusting stand with tilt option

Features AURA Prime
Tacking Training Y
Position, Speed, Stickout and Angle Measurement Y
Weld Analysis on Gaps, Shape and Size of Weld Bead, Spatters, Porosity, Penetration Y
Multi-Level Graded learning approach Y
Motion Error Capture through smart Torch Y
Live instaCorrect Feedback System Y
Safety Awareness Y
Welding Positions: 1G,2G,3G,1F,2F,3F Y
Metal Thickness upto 5mm Y
Power Source Selection Y
Welding Positions: 4G, 4F, 5G, 5F, 6G Y
Metal Thickness upto 15mm Y
Height Adjustment Stand with Tilt Option Y
Multi-Pass Weaving Technique Option Y
Training Reports Feature Option Y
SMAW/MMAW Module Option Y
GTAW Module Option Y


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