Skillveri believes in innovative, elegant skill training tools for the manufacturing sector which demonstrate a very high level of skill transfer. The first set of products from Skillveri are targeted at the highly demanded welding skill. The AURA series of welding simulators are focused on quick & effective understanding of skills and their impact on quality:

Welding Simulators

Aura X Series – eXtended Reality (XR) Welding Simulators:

Most advanced Welding Simulators using eXtended Reality (XR)
  • eXtended Reality (XR) for advanced training Up to 6G,
  • Multi-process GMAW, SMAW, GTAW with filler rod
Painting simulator

Chroma Spray Painting Simulator:

Chroma – Spray Painting Training Simulator is the best training tool in the world –
  • Objective and measurable evaluation of Paint Application Skills
  • Quicker turn-around time for training, at higher quality skills-transfer
  • 4 hours of practice reduces hand-variations by 50%
  • Payback in less than 6 months
  • Eco-friendly: No VOC emissions