Skillveri believes in innovative, elegant skill training tools for the manufacturing sector which demonstrate a very high level of skill transfer. The first set of products from Skillveri are targeted at the highly demanded welding skill. The AURA series of welding simulators are focused on quick & effective understanding of skills and their impact on quality:

AURA human usageSkillveri AURA MIG Welding SimulatorThe standard model of simulator from Skillveri is built for the most popular and fastest growing type of industrial welding – GMAW (MIG/MAG or CO2 Welding). This model is best suited for portability
Skillveri AURA PlusSkillveri AURA Plus: GMAW & SMAWThe Skillveri AURA Plus Model supports two of the most popular welding processes: GMAW (MIG/MAG/CO2) and SMAW (Arc/Stick/MMAW) Welding, and comes with an electrically actuated height adjusting stand with tilt option.
Skillveri AURA PlusSkillveri AURA Prime: GMAW/SMAW/GTAWThe most advanced model of Skillveri AURA series simulator, Prime, supports all three welding processes – GMAW (MIG/MAG/CO2), SMAW (Arc/Stick/MMAW) and GTAW (TIG – Autogenous High Frequency) – to be able to train on even highly specialized types of manual welding. This model also comes with the electric actuated height adjusting stand with tilt option



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