Skillveri in news

May 2018, Forbes India :
Innovation Nation 

Skillveri featured in Forbes India as part of IIT-Madras incubated successful startups. forbes india

May 1st 2018, Deccan Chronicle :
Skillveri redefines skill training for welders 

” The simulator is mainly for training welders to improve their accuracy and hand skill. A welder can identify his own defects on the job and improve it, while an employer can easily evaluate the potential of his staff. The simulator helps the welder give almost a robotic quality output.” deccan chronicle kochi

 Weldfab Tech Times :
eXtended Reality (XR) 

” eXtended Reality (XR) – bringing exactness to vocational training simulations that AR/VR could not. ” weldfab tech times

February 25th 2018, Nanayam Vikatan :
டெக் ஜாம்பவான்கள் 

Coverage about Skillveri in “Naanayam Vikatan” , leading tamil business magazine, in their series on startups. vikatan

January 12th 2018, Smart CEO :
Skillveri’s Simulators could be game changing as we prepare to Make in India

” While typical technical training institutes take about a year to upskill workers, Ankur Capital and MSDF funded Skillveri has designed training simulators which can help welders pick up the skill within two or three weeks.” smart ceo



November 27th 2017, BW Disrupt Business World :
A Startup Thrives on Training Human Welders in the age of Automation

sv bwdisrupt” Some say welding jobs  had to be automated because human mastery of the skill was lacking. Skillveri is capitalizing on skilling welder-men all the way to 6 crores this fiscal year.”

October 4th 2017, Financial Express :
How skillveri start-up is powering acquisition of skills with passion

sv financial express

” Lack of skills is a problem similar to garbage on the streets – everyone recognises it, but everyone thinks someone else should do something about it. Making people recognize that they can address the problem, that they can do it profitably – rather than as a charitable activity. “

22 Sep 2017, BW Disrupt, Business World:
Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal Takes a Shine to Chennai Startup skillveri sv bw disrupt


“Chief Minister of Delhi Shri. Arvind Kejriwal visited skillveri, a startup showing great promise, during his visit to Chennai yesterday. Kejriwal discussed the role and potential of technology in enabling skill development among the youth with the skillveri team…

…The team explained how the simulators would play a key role in upskilling youth across sectors through vocational training institutes in the country.”


Also covered in Cityair News

26 June 2017, Economic Times Tech :


skillveri builds simulators that offer real-life environment to train people


skillveri focuses on building tech tools – simulators – for training and skill improvement in domains that call for manual expertise.

12 Jun 2017, Times of India (print edition) :
toi sv coverageWelding Livelihoods and Skills on the Go


“Welding is a quality-critical activity. We knew that our simulator could improve their skills and livelihood …

… working on the simulator before getting on the shopfloor helps them. It provides data such as position, speed, angle, distance, and has a replay option to find exact point of error.”

12 Jan 2017:
skillveri’s Series A fund-raise from Dell Foundation & Ankur Capital:

The Hindu BusinessLine
The Economic Times
ET Tech

16 Sep 2016, Outlook Business:  
Welded to a cause

“Youngsters are excited about using a new method to learn welding and the gamification aspect makes it even more interesting. What’s more, it helps us reduce costs by 70% since we don’t have to use steel plates for training…”

11 July 2016, The Hindu Business Line :skillveri business line helping industries skill up
Simulating Processes to Help Industries Skill-up 
“We have a unique offering where the simulator and the actual shop-floor blend. Since we own the IP, we are able to tune the product to the exact needs of customers”
04 April 2016, ME Today (Published by ASME):
Raising the Bar on Manufacturing Skills in Developing Countries

“The value of the simulator comes from the fact that it is able to give corrections during practice as well as very detailed analysis after the practice on aspects that can’t be seen or measured in a real physical scenario. From our experience of using simulators at training institutes as well as industrial shop floors, those who have used a simulator-integrated training have performed significantly better than those who used only the conventional methods”

04 Feb 2016, The Hindu: salem iti
Welding Simulator commissioned at the Government ITI, Salem

“ The simulator will enable the students to learn the welding techniques on the computer screen before proceeding for the hands-on training in classroom / workshop…

The simulator will help avoid the wastage of material, energy, and reduce the cost of final product, besides saving the precious time.”


14 Nov 2015, Economic Times Tech : Screenshot 2017-09-04 at 5.20.58 PM

skillveri’s Office Space is a house for Startups   

“Investors visiting the offices of Chennai-based skillveri for due diligence and questions on growth curves invariably get a crash course on how to convert a cosy home into a den of startups.”

17 Sep 2015, DealStreetAsia:

Ankur Capital invests in training simulator maker skillveri

” skillveri uses advanced technology to create simulators, empowering trainers to deliver skill training and create a high-quality workforce. “

16 Sep 2015, VCCircle:

Ankur Capital backs training simulator maker skillveri

” Besides industries, these simulators are used in vocational training institutes and polytechnic and engineering colleges such as IIT Madras and IIT Mandi. It is also expanding its simulation technology for a variety of manufacturing and construction sectors.”

10 Mar 2015, The Hindu BusinessLine:

Winners of NSDC skills challenge to get ₹3-cr funding

“ The challenge was kicked off by NSDC in August last year to identify and invest in 10 to 15 innovative fundable enterprises that are robust and have sustainable models. These organisations would bring positive change in the skill development ecosystem…

… The winners were selected from 172 applicants who were screened for fitment to the challenge.”

7 Feb 2015, The Economic Times:

Companies in NSIC shortlist to get funding of Rs 3 Crore

“ NSDC, a PPP, had launched its innovation challenge in August 2014 to identify and fund disruptive enterprises with sustainable models to impact the skill development ecosystem. In all, 172 companies had applied for the porgramme…
..The final companies have been selected after two rounds of jury evaluation from eminent industry members.”

21 Jan 2015, The Economic Times: skillveri covered in Economic Times

skillveri transforming shop floors by turning novices into experts in manufacturing processes

“ A machine to skill-up humans in the age of robotic automation. That is the idea behind Chennaibased startup skillveri Training Solutions, which is transforming shop floors of top industrial houses such as TVS, Murugappa Group and Ashok Leyland by turning novices into experts in manufacturing processes like welding. “

13 Jan 2015, Dainik Bhaskar:

मद्रास से मंगाए वेल्डिंग सिम्युलेटर

22 Dec 2014, The Economic Times:

NSDA Shortlists 5 Proposals for Skills Development

The National Skill Development Agency has received 129 proposals to encourage innovation in skill development, and shortlisted five, one of which is skillveri’s Welding Simulator.

Also covered in – 
Skill Matters (NSDC Newsletter): Making Skills Innovative (Page 14)

Bangalore News Network,

Kalvi Malar,


15 March 2014, The Economic Times:sv et where are the entreprenuers

Where are the Entrepreneurs?  

“Sabarinath Nair, co-founder and CEO of Chennai-based skillveri Training Solutions, is looking to address the severe skills gap with a welding training simulator that simulates every aspect of welding, complete with light and sound, minus the smoke. While its utility to manufacturing units and training institutes is a given, Nair is now battling mindsets by taking his simulator to the rural hinterland and demonstrating it to parents and their wards.”

11 Nov 2013, Prof Rishikesha Krishna’s blog:  

kannanDo Standards or Specifications Spur or Hinder Innovation?

“…welding is traditionally taught in the same sequence as welding technologies were invented. But, this sequence means teaching the most complex methods first resulting in a very steep learning curve for students. Instead, the Aura MIG Training tool overcomes this problem by teaching the simplest (and most contemporary) method, MIG welding first.”

8 Oct 2013, NASSCOM:

Engineering Innovations from/for India

28 Sep 2013, CII Webinars:

Improving Weld Quality through use of simulators

Aug 2013, CFO Connect:

Skill Gap from Multiple Perspectives  

5 Dec 2012, Deccan Herald:

Necessity is the mother of invention

“Sabarinath C Nair’s innovation of a simple, intuitive simulation for welding training is extremely interactive and capable of helping trainers…. 

… This gaming tool also scores the welders to encourage them and is available in regional languages to cater to rural India.”

June 2012, CFO Connect:Screenshot 2017-09-03 at 11.21.08 PM

Addressing India’s Skill Gap

“If India needs to train 500 million people in the next 10 years, it will have to train 50 million people, per year. This roughly translates to 10 million engineers and 40 million vocationally trained people per year.”