Extended Reality

eXtended Reality (XR)- bringing eXactness to vocational training simulations that AR/VR could not XR for exactness in complete skill:

  • Exact match between real and virtual world
  • Two hand tracking (GTAW)
  • Complex 3-D shapes
  • Customised 3-D shapes
What is eXtended Reality (XR)?
  • It is a superset of VR, AR, MR, etc.
  • The main difference in application of XR as fine-tuned by Skillveri is to match the real world with the virtual world in terms of depth, distance and orientation,
  • Instead of using a camera (vulnerable to scale errors, lag errors) Skillveri’s XR uses low-latency sensors which exactly position the physical objects inside the virtual world.

Skillveri won award from Unity for its extended reality based simulation platform at Unite Melbourne 2017, Melbourne

eXtended Reality (XR) advantages :
  • Exact match between real and virtual world
  • Unique ability to cut the weld joint across any plane
  • Cross section analysis of beads
  • Possibility to add customized welding/painting jobs up to 5 metres in length