skillveri's welding simulator Aura at the India Innovation Initiative

 skillveri participated in the Regional Fair of i3 – India Innovation Initiative, 2012.

i3 is an annual event held with the objective to encourage innovators and provide start-up support for innovations. It is an initiative of the Department of Science and Technology of the Government of India, jointly with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Agilent Technologies.

skillveri’s welding simulator Aura, which offers a unique gamified approach to vocational skill training, was one of the innovations selected to the regional fair from among the hundreds of applicants.
The event for the southern region was held in the IIT-Madras Research Park in Chennai on Nov 23rd 2012, and had 67 participants. A selected few will go on to the national level to be held in New Delhi on December 3rd 2012. We are keeping our fingers crossed !


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skillveri’s Aura at the Regional Fair of India Innovation Initiative at Chennai.

The philosophy of gaming for training

Go back to your high school physics where we were taught about projectile motion – how something thrown in the air will take a parabolic path, have maximum range if projected at an angle of 45°, and how something thrown at Θ degrees and 90-Θ degrees will have the same range. Boring, too theoretical way of teaching a fact of everyday life, right?

Now imagine, if you are taught the same concepts using the game Angry Birds. Now that would be fun, playing around and learning about projectiles, won’t it be? Similarly, how exciting would it have been if we were taught about gravitational pull and pendulums through the game Cut the rope?

Today, at the Nasscom Gaming Forum, listening to Basu Inamdar explaining about Dhruva’s game GloFlo, I realized that this game could be used to teach the basics of PCB layout design to electronics students. We learn better when we do it through activities we enjoy, and the possibilities are endless – let the games begin!

Baby steps

Though it’s been some time since skillveri has been conceived, it is today that the baby steps were taken. We now have a small office – rather office space – Fractal Foundation has been kind enough to let us operate from their premises.

So we now have an address which has been updated on the contact us page.

Long distances to cover with these baby steps !