Case Study

Making Welding the preferred specialization for students

About the institution
  • Government Technical Training Institute located in Prime Industrial Area in a metro.
  • Offers Welding course in two batches with 120 student intake annually in two batches.
  • Welding labs equipped with welding booths and safety gears.
The Challenge — High student drop out
  • Insufficient practical training due to cost & Budget constraints for providing training on real weld machines maintenance and consumables. Estimated cost of consumables for providing for 100 hours practical training runs in lakhs.
  • Poor employability due to inadequate skill training to meet industry requirements.
  • About 60% of the Students drop out before completing the training.
  • Providing sufficient skill training without consumable & maintenance cost is the challenge.
The solution — Skillveri Aura Plus Welding Simulators
  • Installed TWO Aura Plus Simulators, with support of Industry and Department.
  • Train the instructors, set up the process for student practice in line with course curriculum.
  • Collect data and give feedback to students and instructors on regular basis.
Success story
  • Student drop rate has come down drastically with over 90% completing the course.
  • Each student is on track to get 100+ hours of practice which was not possible earlier and is sustainable.
  • Estimated cost savings in consumables and practice plates is over 6 lakhs per semester
  • Instructors and students get feedback report on each student on the skill level, progress and improvement area.Weaker students are given advice for more practice
  • Students are more confident of completing the course and getting better employment.
  • Institute Management is happy on the reduction in student drop out and better placement opportunities.
  • Recognition as one of the best institution in national level.
Skillveri AURA – Welding Simulator
Training for skill improvement without any constraints on consumables cost!!
  • Number of plates practiced, Weld Position wise


  • Cost Savings from Welding consumables and practice plates Rs 6.47 lakhs savings in 3 months, Annualized savings can be Rs 20+ lakhs (considering 2 month vocation)
  • Average number of practice plates per student

Table for case study

  • Students below average should be asked to practice more