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Training Program on Reality based Simulators at SVNIT Surat

The SV National Institute of Technology held a training program on Reality Based Simulators from Dec23rd-27th 2019, that Skillveri was happy to be a part of.

The faculty training program on ‘Reality Based Welding Simulators – Significance, Hands-on Training, & Industrial Correlation’ was held by the Department of Mechanical Engineering and sponsored by the AICTE’s Training & Learning Academy – ATAL .

On the opening day session Dr. Kalyankar of the Mechanical Engineering Dept gave a talk explaining about Welding Simulators. On day 2, Skillveri CEO Sabarinath Nair made a presentation on our eXtended Reality Based Simulators. The audience participated with questions and trying out demos, seeing for themselves how Skillveri simulators bring an exact match between real and virtual worlds.


presentation on skillveri's reality based simulators at svnit

Skillveri CEO Sabarinath Nair making a presentation about the AURA Welding Simulator

demo of eXtended Reality based aura welding simulator

Participants trying out the XR based Aura Welding Simulator

The participants in the training program experienced Skillveri’s Aura simulators based on eXtended Reality, which gives a near exact perception of real world scenarios, eliminates VR sickness even while practicing for extended periods of time, and enables complex 3D shapes and custom work pieces possible as per requirement.

demo of skillveri's reality based simulators at svnit training program, surat

Participants in the Faculty Training Program at SVNIT Surat experiencing a demo of Skillveri Aura Welding Simulator

National Best Welders Competition for Women by Kemppi

Kemppi India, the Indian division of the world’s leading welding equipment manufacturer, held a Best Welder competition for Women, in association with the Indian Institute of Welding.

The competition was held across different categories like pipe welders, structural welders, and student welders, and for different processes like SMAW, GMAW and GTAW. The regional level competitions were first held at Kemppi offices in Pune, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai, and the national level finals was held in the Chennai office.

Skillveri is proud to have been part of this initiative for women welders, by enabling them to practice on our AURA Welding Simulators before the competitions. The competitors in the Pune and Delhi regionals and in the Chennai finals, practiced on the Skillveri welding simulators and perfected their skills before going on to participated in the competitions. The participants and other students were also able to watch demos of our eXtended Reality based simulators, which bring an exact match between real and virtual world.

women welders at kemppi pune practicing on skillveri welding simulator          skillveri demo at kemppi

 Pune regional competition participants practicing and watching demos on the Skillveri Aura Welding Simulator

The Delhi regional competition was also preceded by the inauguration of the Solutions Centre and Welding Lab.

IMG-20191108-WA0008-01           IMG-20191108-WA0009-01

Competition participants and other students practicing on the Skillveri Aura Welding Simulator

The finals in Chennai on December 6th saw 13 finalists from among 53 participants enthusiastically competing for the National Best Welder title. Welding has long been a male dominated field and Skillveri is very happy to partner with Kemppi in this initative to create platform for women to display their skill sets in this field.

sv-kemppi chennai2           sv-kemppi chennai1

The Finalists of the National Best Welder Competition for Women practicing their skills on the Aura Welding Simulator.


The line up of the finalists at the Competition in Chennai

Skillveri Showcase to UK Delegation at Chennai

The British Deputy High Commission in Chennai, and their Department of International Trade, had organised a delegation of Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing companies from the UK to visit Chennai. The UK delegation met with some of IIT-Madras incubated startups in the deep tech space, at ITC Hotel Grand Chola in Chennai on 25th Nov 2019. Skillveri was among the companies selected, and got to showcase our simulators before the visiting delegation.

Skillveri’s eXtended Reality based Welding and Spray Painting Simulators, which have been widely installed in many engineering and manufacturing industries and institutions, were well received by the audience in the delegation. We hope the UK delegation visit brings about exciting opportuities to collaborate on new ventures and partnerships.

The showcase session was also followed by a lunch meeting with the delegation and members of the Southern India Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI)


skillveri showcase at the UK delegation to chennai

skillveri showcase at UK delegation to india

UK delegates trying out skillveri spray painting and welding simulators

The Skillveri Showcase session, and the delegates trying out the Chroma Spray Painting Simulator.

We thank the UK Deputy High Commission for the opportunity, and IIT-Madras for all the support.

Demo of Chroma Spray Painting Simulator at British Coatings Federation

Skillveri’s Chroma Spray Painting simulator was on demo in the UK, as part of our expanding global presence. The Chroma Spray Painting Simulator is a valuable tool for professionals involved in vehicle refinish, decorative, and protective painting. Skillveri presented Demos of the Chroma Simulator to professionals and industry experts at the offices of the Bristish Coatings Federation in Coventry.

The audience had the opportunity to see and try out Skillveri’s innovative simulators based on eXtended Reality. The XR technology brings an exact match between real and virtual worlds, making it possible to train for hours without VR sickness.

The Chroma Spray Painting Simulators from Skillveri are innovative in their method of training and assessment. Learners receive immediate live feedback on their spraying technique, as well as a detailed analysis of the quality of painting. The unique gamified approach makes the learning process fun and quick for the learner, while the trainers/industries benefit from training more students at 1/3rd the time, and with huge savings in cost of consumables. Skillveri spray painting simulators are available for airspray, airless spray, air-assisted and electrostatic spray painting processes.

Skillveri is an associate member of the British Coatings federation, and we’re happy for the opportunity to present our simulators to other BCF members and industry professionals.

Skillveri Chroma Spray Painting Simulator on Demo at BCF, UK

Demo of the Chroma Spray Painting Simulator at BCF, Coventry, UK


Skillveri at MSV Brno International Engineering Fair 2019

Skillveri had the opportunity to participate in the MSV Brno 2019, from Oct 7th-11th. MSV International Engineering Fair is one of the most important industrial fairs in Central Europe, with over 1600 exhibitors and 80,000 visitors. Skillveri, along with our partner POMP Serwiss, was at the event, held in Brno,Czech Republic.

Skillveri’s award winning Welding and Spray Painting Simulators were showcased at the event. They were a huge draw and the stall saw a lot of footfall. Visitors could watch demos or try out Aura and Chroma, our welding and spray painting simulators, themselves. Our unique XR technology and gamified approach generated a lot of interest in the products and the Skillveri booth turned out to be one of the busiest at MSV Brno 2019.


Visitors to the Skillveri stall at MSV Brno 2019


The Skillveri stall at MSV International Engineering Fair 2019, Brno, Czech Republic

Skillveri and our partner POMP Serwiss are extremely happy for the opportunity to participate and showcase our simulators in the MSV Brno fair. Do follow our social media channels on facebook, twitter and linkedin for the latest updates !

PM Narendra Modi tries out Skillveri simulators during IIT-Madras visit

The Honourable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi visited IIT-Madras on September 30th 2019 for its convocation ceremony.  He also visited the IIT Madras research park as part of the occasion and interacted with the deep-tech startups incubated there. Skillveri was among the start ups chosen, and it was a privilege to have the chance to interact with our PM and showcase our skill training simulators to him.

Skillveri believes in applying Digital India for Skill India to enable Make in India, so we are very thrilled that Prime Minister  Shri Narendra Modi himself tried out our Spray Painting & Welding Simulator.

Along with the Indian PM, Hon’ble Minister for HRD Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal and Singapore Foreign Minister Mr Vivian Balakrishnan were also part of the delegation.

We are sincerely grateful to IIT Madras, IITM Incubation Cell & RTBI team for their support in developing the products and for giving us valuable opportunities like these to showcase our success stories.

PM Modi’s interaction with Skillveri and his trial of the Chroma Spray Painting simulator can be seen in the clip below, extracted from the official Doordarshan News coverage of the event.

Chroma Spray Painting Simulators at CORCON 2017

Skillveri was at CORCON 2017 with its second product line, the Chroma Spray Painting Simulator. CORCON is the annual conference on corrosion science held in India, and is the largest event of its kind in Asia, attracting participation from academic and research institutions, and public & private sector organizations. It is an event where hundreds of professionals and  industry leaders from around the world come together to inform and exchange the latest solutions to tackle corrosion issues.

Skillveri’s innovative Spray Painting Simulator, Chroma was up for display and demo at the event. The unique gamified approach of Skillveri simulators was a big draw and many participants eagerly tried their hand at it and saw how they scored. Skillveri simulators give immediate feedback during the learning process as well as detailed reports once the session is over, making it an invaluable tool for performance evaluation.

skillveri chroma painting simulator


sv corcon 2017 2-01

Visitors to the Skillveri stall trying out the Chroma Spray Painting Simulator

Skillveri CEO Sabarinath Nair, along with Mr Ravichandran of Berger Paints India, also presented a paper on addressing coating challenges through simulators. Berger Paints has been an early adopter of the Chroma Spray painting simulator, recognising its potential in making spray traing training efficient.

addressing corrosion challenges through spray painting simulatorsPaper presentation on Addressing Coating Challenges through Simulators

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal visits Skillveri

Delhi Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal visited Skillveri’s office on Sept 21st during his Chennai visit. It was a very happy and proud occasion for the Skillveri Team to demonstrate our simulators and explain our work in the skill training space.

He interacted with the team, and spent time discussing with our Founders and CEO about simulators and vocational training. In addition to watching Demos of the welding and spray painting simulators, he took a keen interest in them and tried them out himself. Observing that Skillveri simulators are valuable tools in skill development, he expressed that it would make ITI students more employable, with their ability to train large numbers of students quickly at low costs.

delhi cm kejriwal visit to skillveri

Delhi CM Shri Kejriwal watching a demo of the Chroma Spray Painting Simulator during his visit to Skillveri


Kejriwal visit to Skillveri

Shri Kejriwal and his associates discussing about simulators and vocational training with our CEO Sabarinath Nair and co-founder L.Kannan.

kejriwal trying out aura welding simulator at skillveri

Shri Arvind Kejriwal trying out Skillveri’s Aura Welding Simulator himself

We are very thankful to Shri Kejriwal for taking the time out of his very busy schedule as Delhi CM, for visiting Skillveri and interacting with our Team, and his words of appreciation for our welding and spray painting simulators. The visit was also covered with more details, by BW Disrupt.

Skillveri at the International Innovation Fair 2017

Skillveri participated in the International Innovation Fair held at Vishakapatnam from the 9th-11th September 2017. The Aura welding simulator was on demo at the event which was hosted by the Andhra Pradesh Innovation Society in association with India Innovators’ Association.

We’re extremely happy to share that the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Shri N.Chandrababu Naidu, Dy. Chief Minister Shri Nimmakayala Chinarajappa, and the Information Technology Minister Shri Nara Lokesh, all visited the Skillveri stall and experienced Demos of the welding simulator.


skillveri aura welding simulator

Shri N.Chandrababu Naidu & Shri Nimmakayala Chinarajappa viewing a Demo of the Skillveri Aura Welding Simulator

It was also a very proud moment for the Skillveri team when our welding simulator won the Silver Medal in the 3 day event. Skillveri was awarded the silver medal out of nearly 100 innovations from 30 countries which participated in the event.


The Silver medal won by Skillveri Welding Simulators in the International Innovation Fair 2017, from among innovations from 30 countries.

IIT-M visit by Nirmala Sitharaman and Amithabh Kant

Skillveri’s Welding Simulators were part of the Demo organised by the IIT-Madras Incubation Cell during the visit of Smt Nirmala Sitharaman and Shri Amitabh Kant. The Union Minister of State for Commerce & Industry,Mrs Nirmala Sitharaman, and CEO of Niti Ayog, Mr. Amitabh Kant, both visited IIT Madras and participated in Demos by IIT incubated start-ups.

Skillveri was one among the startups selected, and both Mr Kant and Mrs Sitharaman observed the demo of our welding simulator Aura.

Welding Simulator
Shri Amitabh Kant trying out the Skillveri Aura Welding Simulator at IIT-M

Skillveri Welding SimulatorSkillveri welding simulator during visit by Smt Nirmala Sitharaman & Shri Amitabh Kant to IIT Madras 

Mr Amitabh Kant himself tried out the welding simulator and remarked that the AURA Welding Simulator was a must for all ITIs. We thank them both for taking the time to observe Aura and also IIT- M for providing us the opportunity to showcase our welding simulator to the esteemed guests.