Training Program on Reality based Simulators at SVNIT Surat

The SV National Institute of Technology held a training program on Reality Based Simulators from Dec23rd-27th 2019, that Skillveri was happy to be a part of.

The faculty training program on ‘Reality Based Welding Simulators – Significance, Hands-on Training, & Industrial Correlation’ was held by the Department of Mechanical Engineering and sponsored by the AICTE’s Training & Learning Academy – ATAL .

On the opening day session Dr. Kalyankar of the Mechanical Engineering Dept gave a talk explaining about Welding Simulators. On day 2, Skillveri CEO Sabarinath Nair made a presentation on our eXtended Reality Based Simulators. The audience participated with questions and trying out demos, seeing for themselves how Skillveri simulators bring an exact match between real and virtual worlds.


presentation on skillveri's reality based simulators at svnit

Skillveri CEO Sabarinath Nair making a presentation about the AURA Welding Simulator

demo of eXtended Reality based aura welding simulator

Participants trying out the XR based Aura Welding Simulator

The participants in the training program experienced Skillveri’s Aura simulators based on eXtended Reality, which gives a near exact perception of real world scenarios, eliminates VR sickness even while practicing for extended periods of time, and enables complex 3D shapes and custom work pieces possible as per requirement.

demo of skillveri's reality based simulators at svnit training program, surat

Participants in the Faculty Training Program at SVNIT Surat experiencing a demo of Skillveri Aura Welding Simulator