Demo of Chroma Spray Painting Simulator at British Coatings Federation

Skillveri’s Chroma Spray Painting simulator was on demo in the UK, as part of our expanding global presence. The Chroma Spray Painting Simulator is a valuable tool for professionals involved in vehicle refinish, decorative, and protective painting. Skillveri presented Demos of the Chroma Simulator to professionals and industry experts at the offices of the Bristish Coatings Federation in Coventry.

The audience had the opportunity to see and try out Skillveri’s innovative simulators based on eXtended Reality. The XR technology brings an exact match between real and virtual worlds, making it possible to train for hours without VR sickness.

The Chroma Spray Painting Simulators from Skillveri are innovative in their method of training and assessment. Learners receive immediate live feedback on their spraying technique, as well as a detailed analysis of the quality of painting. The unique gamified approach makes the learning process fun and quick for the learner, while the trainers/industries benefit from training more students at 1/3rd the time, and with huge savings in cost of consumables. Skillveri spray painting simulators are available for airspray, airless spray, air-assisted and electrostatic spray painting processes.

Skillveri is an associate member of the British Coatings federation, and we’re happy for the opportunity to present our simulators to other BCF members and industry professionals.

Skillveri Chroma Spray Painting Simulator on Demo at BCF, UK

Demo of the Chroma Spray Painting Simulator at BCF, Coventry, UK