Skillveri at MSV Brno International Engineering Fair 2019

Skillveri had the opportunity to participate in the MSV Brno 2019, from Oct 7th-11th. MSV International Engineering Fair is one of the most important industrial fairs in Central Europe, with over 1600 exhibitors and 80,000 visitors. Skillveri, along with our partner POMP Serwiss, was at the event, held in Brno,Czech Republic.

Skillveri’s award winning Welding and Spray Painting Simulators were showcased at the event. They were a huge draw and the stall saw a lot of footfall. Visitors could watch demos or try out Aura and Chroma, our welding and spray painting simulators, themselves. Our unique XR technology and gamified approach generated a lot of interest in the products and the Skillveri booth turned out to be one of the busiest at MSV Brno 2019.


Visitors to the Skillveri stall at MSV Brno 2019


The Skillveri stall at MSV International Engineering Fair 2019, Brno, Czech Republic

Skillveri and our partner POMP Serwiss are extremely happy for the opportunity to participate and showcase our simulators in the MSV Brno fair. Do follow our social media channels on facebook, twitter and linkedin for the latest updates !