Chroma Spray Painting Simulators at CORCON 2017

Skillveri was at CORCON 2017 with its second product line, the Chroma Spray Painting Simulator. CORCON is the annual conference on corrosion science held in India, and is the largest event of its kind in Asia, attracting participation from academic and research institutions, and public & private sector organizations. It is an event where hundreds of professionals and  industry leaders from around the world come together to inform and exchange the latest solutions to tackle corrosion issues.

Skillveri’s innovative Spray Painting Simulator, Chroma was up for display and demo at the event. The unique gamified approach of Skillveri simulators was a big draw and many participants eagerly tried their hand at it and saw how they scored. Skillveri simulators give immediate feedback during the learning process as well as detailed reports once the session is over, making it an invaluable tool for performance evaluation.

skillveri chroma painting simulator


sv corcon 2017 2-01

Visitors to the Skillveri stall trying out the Chroma Spray Painting Simulator

Skillveri CEO Sabarinath Nair, along with Mr Ravichandran of Berger Paints India, also presented a paper on addressing coating challenges through simulators. Berger Paints has been an early adopter of the Chroma Spray painting simulator, recognising its potential in making spray traing training efficient.

addressing corrosion challenges through spray painting simulatorsPaper presentation on Addressing Coating Challenges through Simulators