skillveri mentioned in Prof Rishikesha’ Blog on innovation

One of the basic principles that drives skillveri is that innovation has to be relevant to the user’s needs.

It makes us immensely happy to share our founder’s vision reflected on Prof Rishikesha Krishnan‘s (Professor-Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore) personal blog. Read the full post here.

In his blog post, he quotes L Kannan on the challenges of bringing groundbreaking products into the market. And the general mindset in accepting innovative products. skillveri’s efforts in bringing out the simulation based welding training tool Aura, has also been highlighted.

Its good to note that Aura was built ground-up taking various stakeholders perspective. From the education domain, we found the course curriculum has not kept pace with changing market demands. From industry perspective, there is a surge in demand for trained MIG Welders. Aura is designed to teach MIG welding first, and in a very short timeframe. As opposed to conventional training methods which teach the various welding techniques in the order in which they were invented, This makes learning complex,time consuming, and not on par with the needs of industry and students.

The illustration below and our earlier post about the issue will drive home the point even better –

skillveri, welding training, simulator, welding training tool, skill development
Optimum order of Welding Training – from a human skill point of view

Its a proud moment where other path breaking innovations by skillveri’s founder L.Kannan – Microspin spinning machines and Vortex ATMs are also featured.


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